Wrap It Up, December 16, 2021

Tis time for the final step in getting the presents under the tree and labeled with the recipient’s name. This is a joy and challenge for a blind person.

When buying rolls of wrapping paper, I would look for paper that had a texture or foil on one side. Without the texture clues, I wrap the paper with the white side out. When wrapping large packages, I will wrap the item on a bed. Some heavy items are stapled together. When I wrapped an advent beer calendar. The staple hit a can of beer and created a leak when the carton was unwrapped.

Some of the texture paper was so heavy, it was diffucult to crease. I used the stapler with caution.

I notice that the newer rolls of paper were thinner and rip easily when trying to use them. I have to cut much more than I needed to get enough for a box to be wrapped.

Finally I give up with odd shaped presents and find a gift bag to put the item in. Then I surround the gift with tissue paper. I use white so I don’t have to worried about matching colors.

I have the same matching problem with colors of ribbon and bows. I have abandoned the use of ribbons, except to hang Christmas cards on. I will select a bow based on it’s size in relation to the package and stick it on. Even if it is a different color, I consider it an accent.

The hardest task is the labeling of each present with the name of the person to receive it. I start with a braille name on a label. This is attached to the outside of the present. later, I will go back and print the name of the recipient with a thick Magic marker. Since there is braille on the label, the person knows that the present is from me.

I love gathering all the gifts to give away around the bottom of the tree. They add a festive touch to the tree display.

Our holoday was early this year. So I am ready to store the wrappings in the basement for next year. I have wrapped it up!



Ribbons and bows

Ribbons, bows, I see

On festive bags

under my tree.

What does a baby see?

She grabs a red bow,

as she cries with glee.

No presents, but an empty box

to play hide and seek.


copyright 12/16/21

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