Natal Luz, December 21, 2021

Natel Luz or Christmas festival of light is held in Fermata Brazil from November 12 to January 13, Making it the longest and largest Christmas festival in Brazil.

It started in 1986 with a concert and a Christmas light show. It is now the largest Christmas festival in Brazil. Earning Fernatta the name Christmas capital of Brazil.. There are many activities during the festival. One of the most popular is walking into a ninety nine foot Christmas tree. You feel a part of the decorations. There are 3500 ornaments , 2500 strings of lights, 1000 strobe lights and a snow making machine.

Other events are tree decorating contests, concerts, reindeer and a dramatic readings of traditional Christmas stories.

One of the most anticipated events is a floating parade with singers and music on lighted barges. The show has five sections. They depicts the history of man from Adam and Eve, through the birth of Christ ending with the last days. Over one million five hundred thousand people visit Fermata from November to January each year.

Christmas in Brazil is celebrated on December 24th. This is when families and friends gather to greet the coming of Christmas.

I dedicate this article to my special Brazilian sister, Adelia, She was telling me that this year the festivities are being limited because of the virus.



A Brazilian Christmas

The warm breezes flow over the start of flowers blooming.

A cool sea wind pushes waves to lap at the shore.

Men and women dress in colorful flowered shirts and dresses.

One can see the snow on the mountain caps in a distance.

This is Christmas in San Paulo Brazil .

copyright 12/21/20211

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