Christmas protocol December 23, 2021

We are making up for the shut down and sheltering in place of Christmas 2020. We are determine to celebrate as usual but at what cost?

Recently, my husband and I went to the grocery store to pick up several needed items. There were many empty shelves of items that are normally available.

There were no jars of Chicken gravy to be seen. This was that case in several stores. Karo syrup was in short supply. Evaporated milk filled the shelves but no dry or condense milk was seen.

Others odd missing holiday items was the absence of peppermint candy canes. The peppermint crop was affected by a fungus. There was not enough of the herb to make the tradition candy treat. No peppermint candy ice cream was manufactured for this Christmas.

A friend that adores peppermint candy ice cream took matters into her own hands. She found some candy canes and vallina custard ice cream. Crushing the candy, she blended them into the ice cream to make her own concoction.

Tinsel was also not to be seen for purchase. While visiting a friend, I noted that she had tinsel adorning her Christmas tree. When asked where she got it, she confessed that she kept the tinsel from year to year.

Supplies are not the only changes in the shopping experience. People have forgotten social distancing while hurrying to grab that last bag of stuffing. Most people are not masked and not covering their mouths when they cough.

A small child in a basket, grabbed a box of cerieal and sneezed on the box. The adult took the box and put it back on the shelf.

Only 10% of custoners are using masks comparied to most of the workers. Just because vaccines and boosters are readily avalible, doesn’t mean that people are using them.

There has been a sharp increase in purchasing and the use of home Corona tests. Some have waited over three hours to received a test.

Even in our houses of worship, people are crowded into pews, standing close to others in lines and not covering their nose and mouth when coughing. Believe in God’s goodness should not be confused with using vaccines and masks.

Finally, my daughter and her husband decided to take their Christmas cruise. The cruise was canceled last year. They chose a cruise that didn’t cater to families with small children. In every photo from the ship, they are the only ones in view. When questioned, they admitted that the ship is only 30% full.

This Christmas, families will meet, celebrate and be together. The usual number of flu and virus germs will be spread around. Hoping that none of the germs or viruses are deadly! Keep your guard up and your mask on in large crowds.



Santa is down with the flu

O you better watch out,

you better not sneeze.

Turn away from the coughing breeze,

Santa Clause is down with the flu!

He made a list and gave it to me.

to deliver toys,

to good girls and boys.

Santa Clause is down with the flu.

He’s sneezing in the morning,

he’s coughing in the eve.

He has a box of tissue,

sitting on his knee.

Cookies and milk, complete with a mask.

Helping Santa is a needed task.

Santa Clause is down with the flu.

copyright 12/23/2021.

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