April 2, 2020 How does my Muse Grow?

How does my Muse grow?
   In answer to the question,“ Where do poems come from,” this is my answer.
   My muse is a garden plot. Before planting the creative seeds that may bloom into poems, I must prepare the soil with reading and meditation on ideas that cross mind mind. I mix the fertilizer of experience and wait for the seeds of inspiration to appear in my head.
   I carefully plant each seedling and watch for signs of growth. Some seedlings take off and have to be pruned or transferred to another part of the garden. Some seedlings need careful watering and care to bloom.
   Often  volunteer poems spring up on their own. I watch them to discern if they may be a wild rose or a weed. Finally I thin the plants that are out of place in the whole scheme. My creative work is in the planting and caring for the poems. The end product is the garden where each poem lends to the beauty of the completed  work.
   Eventually, I must say goodbye to this year’s garden and I must begin the cycle again.

How does My. Garden Grow? I gather the sees
gifts divine ,
I plant them in Muse hillside.
I start with order, but I am surprised.What poems and which wither and die.I keep them watered, pruned and thinned.
Until poetic blooms unfolds again.each poem gives to the garden a soul.
I am the creator and the hoe.
both are needed to make the whole.

One thought on “April 2, 2020 How does my Muse Grow?

  1. Carol–What a creative post and poem!  A perfect way to begin your posts of National Poetry Month!  One of my favorite phrases in your poem is “Volunteer poems.”

    May your poetry garden grow and grow!

    Take care–Alice and Willow


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