April 6 2020 Nature is Free People are Not

My husband and I have been riding our tandem bike during the bast 4 weeks. We have passed many bikers, walkers and strollers enjoying nature. The idea of social distancing varies with each group. Many families are together and are close. When passing groups , it is commen to give a verbal greeting and stop to exchange news.
We are entering a critical time in the next two weeks. We are being asked to wear masks while out in the public. This will keep all of us from spreading the virus. Remember, 25% of the population are a symptomatic but can be carriers.
While enjoying Nature, be s smart and protect yourself and your community.The Spring flowers will smell just as sweet with your nose and mouth covered.Here is a
link to make your own masks.


Nature Loosened

A hawk soars high on air currents.
Liberated from earthly bounds,
he pursues his quarry with unfettered flight.

Newly hatched minnows race to follow the cold stream’s current.
They swim quickly towards open water.

Deer emerge into the warm sun from the cool woods.
They nibble new grass and play follow the leader across the meadow.
scampering across melting snow.

Trees and shrubs burst with buds from the Spring rain and sun.
Unfurling their tender growth.

Nature alive, glowing , freely given,
But man cannot see the free flight of the hawk.
Only the narrow path in front of himself.

He walks, swatting newly hatched gnats but fails to see the insects are food for the minnows.

As he escapes from the warming sun to the woods, He tramples on delicate wild flowers.

Nature is freely giving but man cannot grasp the gift!

2 thoughts on “April 6 2020 Nature is Free People are Not

  1. Carol–Thanks for another thought-provoking post!  When my Leader Dog and I went to our local supermarket this morning, I wore a scarf as a mask for the first time.  Thus, your post has been perfectly timed for me.  Also,  I do admire this beautiful nature poem and am glad to read it again and again.

    Take good care–Alice and Willow


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