April 9,2020 Lost and Found

Lost and Found
I hear many people lament on what they have lost in this time of seclusion. Loss of personal freedom, physical closeness with friends and love ones and economic decline.
I find that there are gains to be grateful for. Time to pray, meditate and reach out to others in new and creative ways.
The internet has been a gift to send messages to friends across the globe.
IPhones have allowed phone calls to reach family members with little or no cost.
Conference calling have brought groups and worship communities together.
Don’t forget the US Postal service to send mail. The workers have continued to deliver the mail to all of us 6 days a week.
Finally I support the local food banks and contribute to the first responders as they continue the fight with this virus.

Lost and Found
A little girl has loss her school
but her Daddy is playing with her.
A toddler can’t see her day care friends
but her Mother is reading to her more.
A teenager can’t play sports, but
they have found that they can help seniors with groceries and dog walking.
Families have loss the ability to go out to dimmer, but
they have found time to make their favorite meals at home.
Neighbors that had passing recognition , now
look to each other for support.
Communities once distance, now
support the lonely and weaker members.
May we remember the lessons
Long after the virus is defeated.
Blessings to all of you.

One thought on “April 9,2020 Lost and Found

  1. Hi, Carol–How uplifting to read your prose/poetry combination post!  Yes, cheers for our postal carriers, postal clerks, and other postal workers who are keeping the mail moving!  So many people to thank and remember during this remarkable season of our lives!  Of course, I add you to the list for your humor, caring, and creativity!

    Easter blessings to you and yours–Alice and Willow


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