April 14 Is this Freedom?

This is Freedom?
This week,I opened all the windows to air out the house. Afterwards. I wondered if this was smart idea.
these days we question many activities we took for granted.
we voluntarily limit our personal freedoms for the sake of others. We, as a nation , are putting life above liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
May the actions and choices we perform now be judged by history as the best for all the people.
Remembering the unemployed, homeless and children not being fed, may we give to food baskets and food vans to feed the hungry.
May we send messages of encouragement to health care workers and first responders that continue to put themselves in harms way.
Finally, that we all follow the actions that our governors have requested to keep the transmission of the Corona virus to a minimum. It will take all of us to allow freedom to ring again.

Freedom Rings

From the start of this great land,
Religion and races slowly united.
Each person wished to pursue their own happiness.
Emphasizing personal freedom.
Down the pages of history,
Opposing first tyranny, then each other.
Many mistakes were made.
Rising from division to unite,
Individuals formed a new country.
Never did the world see its like.Great in its diversity,
still striving to have
Freedom ring!

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