April 16 Sick(no) and Tired (yes)

April 16 Sick,(no) and Tired(yes)
The shutdown and sheltering is growing tedious to many people. They have a point. They want to get to their planting for the coming year. They live in an area that the corona virus has had little impact.
What they don’t want to admit that a plateau of new case is not the end of the threat. Opening of normal commerce and social interactions could bring a new wave of the disease.
We are all tired but we share this feeling with our friends and family.
We should think of the grocery workers, janitors and check out clerks. The food service and package delivery service for continuing to bring us ordered items.
Finally the trash and postal workers for weekly pick up and daily delivery. The truckers that work to bring needed supplies to the stores and all of the hospital workers. We can tolerate the sheltering in place for a little longer to keep these people safe. If you encounter any of them Thank them for continuing to come to work each day.
As for the businesses that are eager to open, I hope that they would be thinking of how they will keep their employees and consumers safe as they slowly reopen. We all can hold on for a little longer.
Hold On

as you cook your meal,
think of those who have run out of food.
Give a donation to a food bank.
When you are reading a book,
think of those who have lost their shelters.
Give to the Red Cross.
When you wonder what to do next,
think of the need for blood.
Call for a donation appointment.
Call, write or message to encourage others.
Thank all the people that make it possible to
stay well and safe.

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