April 21 2020 Hopecut stemsforsythiapetals drop, leaves unfurl,roots growthirstily for moisturein vasepeople’sexpectationswhen kept indoors for daysgrowing towards each other’s needswith love.All long to feel the sun’s warmth again.We are told that the virus victims are decreasing and the number of new cases is on the downturn. But how can we believe what we hear in the news and what is not reported.People are drawing their own conclusions and are determining that they will not become sick or worse they think that it won’t affect them and their loved ones.We see demonstrations , long lines at food banks and families with little money to buy necessity’s . We can bring some hope to people in our network. One kind act at a time. Like a pebble dropped into water, concurrent circles are formed and move out from the pebbles entrance. Now what if there are 10, 20, or even 50 pebbles of kindness tossed into the mix. They interact and cause long range reactions. I am advocating being positive while remaining safe while in public. We can cling to the Hope that the corona virus is on the decline and We can return to close social interactions in the future. Hold on a little longer.

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