April 23 Bless the Beast and Children

Bless The Beasts and Children
I heard a story yesterday that China’s air pollution has decreased by 40%. Now the sky is blue and the distant Himalayan mountains can be viewed. Many of our own cities air is cleaner and free of pollution. It is too bad that we had to pay such a high cost to have cleaner air . The question is,”Why did it take so long?” Mother Nature , given time, can recover.
I heard that the deer in a local large city have been running down the main corridors. Without the people and traffic they are venturing far afield.Below is a Haiku for the deer.

deer run free
where people can not
both are safe

I heard that one of the allowed outdoor activities is morel mushroom hunting. I saw neighbors with buckets in the wood lot and wrote a poem from a squirrel’s point of view.
People Are Nuts

A squirrel looks down into the woods.
There are People where there should be none.
They are carrying buckets and picking wrinkled fungi.
“I wouldn’t eat those growths!” thought the squirrel.
Now People are putting out food for the third time today.
When my friends and I come to feed, they just stare at us.
I hope this doesn’t last.
I am getting too fat to wriggle into my nest.
Our pets must wonder why the humans are home so much. We are taking
many long walks and dogs may note that it is their masters that are wearing muzzles They may think they have a person that bites!
My daughter’s three cats have become more friendly and willing to share their space with humans Here is a poem about one of the cats.

stretches to watch
fingers dance over keys
she has ignored me for too long

Our children are a joy and blessing during this time together. My niece has found that the change from hurried mornings to get her daughter to daycare and herself to work has changed. Now her daughter runs into her parents bed room and snuggles into their bed. There, they discuss what there plans are for the day. Recently, they had a pajama day. The poem below is to celebrate that day.
Pajama Day
The sun shines bright, the day is warm
why worry about what to wear?
It’s a pajama day.
a glorious thing to do.
no shoes, slippers will do.
Let’s take a walk with robes over pj’s
How fun to see the people stare.
They shake their heads and we smile.
Bet they wish for a pajama day.
Now that the day is through What should we do?
Bathe and put on…
Clean pajamas
Let’s think of the blessings that we can find in this day . Find something to smile about.
warming smiles
watching nature out
our windows

One thought on “April 23 Bless the Beast and Children

  1. Carol–What a pleasant potpourri of reading!  My favorite is still your “squirrel” poem, and I was one of the lucky 25-plus people who had the pleasure of hearing you give a wonderful oral presentation of this humorous poem.

    Thanks for brightening Thursdays!

    Alice and Willow


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