may 2020

dear bloggers, I find myself in a medical rehab site during this pandemic lockdown. I as a hearing impaired and blind woman will tell you the funny and strange medical situations That I encounter. It is a good lesson for all of us.

My story began two weeks ago when I slipped off the bottom stairs and fell on my left hip.

we went to Urgent care and they told me I had a crack in my punic bone. We went to Urgent care and were sent to mend. The funny part of the visit was They wanted me to be left without my husband. He said that She hears poorly and sees nothing. Good luck. After consulting, they allowed him to stay . We were both masked.

More tomorrow .

2 thoughts on “may 2020

  1. Hi, Carol–I have been thinking of you and sending more prayers your way.  I am pleased that under your current circumstances, you will be able to continue with your blogging.  I will look forward to your updates.  Since I will soon be without computer access for a while, I will ask my sister to sign up for your blog so that we can continue to follow your writings from the rehab center.

        Willow and I send you are warmest wishes.

    Take good care–Alice and Willow


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