blind and the pandemic day 2

May 2020 the blind and medical care during a pandemic
I first want to apologize for the grammar and punctuation errors in the first post. I had loss feeling in my fingers making typing difficult.
I will pick up the story after being sent home from urgent care. The pain meds ran out and I was in pain and moving around less and less. I called urgent care to hear my options. They said go to emergency. I was there alone, with no one to explain what was going on. There were several people waiting but keeping social distance.
Finally, I was in and getting more ex ray. I was told to go home and use a walker. The stores were closed so my husband made one.
What was different as a blind and hearing impaired person. There was no braille or recorded information. It was difficult to hear some of the medical person. I tryed to rephrase what the medical persons told me but I still didn’t grasp the seriousness of my condition.A PT home care was ordered, but once a week.
I became a semi i0-invalids and was using my husband to get up . If I heard that was a possibility I would called the doctor’s office earlier. It would have better explained with a three d model to feel the cracks.
I am alone
cocooned in my pain
to be seen

I I shelter here
in a hospital
voices surround.
The next post will be the ride in the ambulance .
Stay safe.

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