May 2020 day 3 Bunps in the Road

Riding. the bumps of Health care system blind
By Monday of the second week,, I was in misery. I asked for a face to face doctor appointment. It was difficult to hear and answer the questions asked by the provider. When the tablet was moved, the connection cut out and I had to have assistance to re-connect to the provider. She finally determined that the legs were swollen and may be caused by blood clots. . We were told to go into the emergency room twice in less than a week. John spoke up and said he could not get me into the car.
We had to order the ambulance. They came but wanted me to walk to the van.. I insisted to be put flat on the stretcher.
The ride was uneventful . but when we made to the emergency area, I was left alone. I was given a large array of call buttons, only one button had the braille symbol for Murse. The rest of the buttons were to access the tv. I was kept informed of the tests, exrays and ultra determine the extent of the treatment plan. I was admitted for observation . I was not informed that observation static was not covered by Medicaid.
As a blind person, it would have been helpful either having staff member present to explain the options. I was asked to sign a digital board , but I had no clue what I was signing. But I was in the hospital. The next blog will cover getting into a room.
Wait, wait, wait
for what I don’t know
not in control

One thought on “May 2020 day 3 Bunps in the Road

  1. What a frightening experience! There should be processes in place when a blind person is being served.


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