May 2020 blind and health care in a pandemic

The rehab unit was one floor above me.
This hospital was corona free and was in a state of lock down. No visiters or family were allowed. It was spookily quiet. I was set to meet the team and discuss my goals. When iI reported that I would to be independent , the staff thought IIwas do all the cooking, cleaning and household tasks, they seemed surprized. They were concerned that ai would use a white cane with a walker , I smiled and replied that I would attached one to the front of the walker. I was kidding but they took it seriously . I was given a half day to unpack and settle in. I was given access with a guest portals to use the internet. . What I noticed was I would be the trainer for myself. For example, I asked the staff to describe the room, They turned and started to discripe the view. “Forget the view, where is the bathroom?”
I was continued to be asked what I could perceive visuall. I continue to reply,”I see?, “I would nothing.”
I would be patient and kind and patient. I would try to smile and and smile.
My reach was decreased, and I have,
Tomorrow, the therapy begins!

A new start
with an old body
end result?

One thought on “May 2020 blind and health care in a pandemic

  1. Hang in there Carol. All your friends are pulling for you and keeping you in our prayers. Hugs. Sandy


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