May 2020 Settling In the blind with. medical

I had 3 hours of therapy a day with one day off for good behavior . Even on the off day, I was given hand and leg exercises. I had to introduce my body to sitting upright for longer periods. Each person has to take responsibility as par of his or her treatment. That means that I share that I would wait for instruction before falling into a chair. or bed. The staff had to trust that this blind woman would listen and do what what asked.It didn’t hurt to ask a friend to make some cookies for the staff break room.I stated my preference. for one therapist over another with a good reason. Several therapists had soft and quiet voices making it difficult to understand what I was to do. This kept each person’s dignity.It helped that the pain was finally under control.I was sleeping better and sleeping better. I was not falling asleep in therapy sessions.Kindness and respect is the key. We are all affected with separation for our love ones.The next blog will include maintaining with your pants down.
Corona an acrostic. poemCold bedpans stick to the bottom.Overcome with pain of the sufferingReality sets in As I pray for the others Only now we touch through plasticNear to ve touched with glovesAny blind person can feel the care.

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