May 2020 In Medical Lockdown

That first evening, I was grateful to be in a place that would give me enough pain meds and Help me to move. a fractured pelvis is the most painful because of the nerve cells firing up and down the legs from the lower back to thighs and calf’s. You never know when a sharp pain will hit, double if you with pain. You can’t trust you own body to work.The first evening I just wanted to sleep with less pain. I was not aware when I was moved or a catheter was inserted. Frankly, I felt better, I didn’t care.Now to a blind person going through a new ward, I kept my hearing aids in but I sometimes to guess what I was being asked. No one told me to drink lots of water. I may have had better luck with a reaction to Narco.The issue of eating was an ongoing issue. I wanted to be independent and. be in charge of my pain. The. staff wanted to raise my headboard quickly. I would back the staff away after they opened my tray. I had a limited reach and asked all liquids to be placed in the right front and the eating silverware to be on the left.I tryed. to eat mostly finger foods.haiku I reach for foodto feel empty platemissed again

Tomorrow Moving up to Rehab

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