Day 18 What else can happen?

Spring scents in misty morns-crisp on the outside but sterile withinI long to feel the breeze lift my tendrils as the risen sun warms thecheeks and hands looking forward to the day

last evening , I had a low hemoglobins count and a dark stool. I thought about the questionts they asked “did you see the color?” “Have you had blood on your paper?” Now as a blind. person, I have not checked this nor asked John to do so What does a single blind person do?I ended up with a bleeding ulcer. But it could be worse.It is so important for all of us to stay up to date on our health. I could have had this issue for months. How would I know?As an aside, I was tested for the corona virus before I was given an upper GI. To keep the doctors safe.O beautiful waves of. grass encased in plexiglass

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