5,20,2020 Just the 29.99 fix

i take my body to the repair shop to fix recent dents and bumpsthe doctor said “ do you have an ulcer “We can fix that we would like to study it”Also you may have sleep apnea
i protest’ this is a four door not a Ferrari,Give me the 29.99 special!
As my time here in medical lockdown is coming to an end, I find that other medical issues are being found to bring to my attention to try to resolve.In the middle of the night , they would like to insert oxygen to help with sleep apnea. It irritates my nose and interrupts my sleep. My doctor said it would go down in my notes but not worked on now.The issue of the bleeding ulcer is one that they would like to resolve. They took samples and want to study it. I said, Just help heal it and I will moniter the issue. Once doctors have you in their system, they want to fix all of you. I find that I am an older model and don’t mind a few nicks and scratches. Just give me the standard fix and we will call it good.Tomorrow, getting to leave lockdown.

fix and we will call it good.Tomorrow, getting to leave lockdown.

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