May 28 A Time To Remember

Healing gives you surplus time on your hands to pause, dream and remember. I find I think of being able to see . Especially, when I find I have maneuvered my walker into the living room for the third time . I sigh and think about my childhood .I had two old apple trees left from an orchard. One was tall and difficult for me to climb. I used it to escape from the neighbor’s goose.The other tree was in the middle of the yard. It’s branches were low and easy to climb. I loved to climb, sit and pretend that I had a real tree house. When Mother called me to the house, I jumped down into the green grass sea to swim to the house. I loved that tree and would explore each section of the tree with a loving touch.

The Old Apple Tree
In the backyard of my childhood home,stood a gnarled tree, a survivor from an ancient orchard. It’s branches invited me to climb and play. I would imagine that this was my island home in a sea of green .One branch was perfect to recline to read a book.Another long branch invited me to nap.There was a stump of a branch that made a perfect table for my precious treasures.These, I hid in the tree’s hollow.I would spend long afternoons relaxing in the shade of this tree.When I was hungry, I would pick several ripening fruit.I felt safe, protected and hidden from the world.In this place , I could allow my imagination to roam.

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One thought on “May 28 A Time To Remember

  1. Nice memory Carol. I also had a special tree in my backyard. Reading your story reignited my memories! Sure hope your pain is gone! Love you!


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