June 2, 2020 Home therapy

Well I have been home for 10 days and I received a PT evaluation. No OT . Good thing I didn’t wait for bath instructions. A PT did call last week but his Indian accent and quiet voice would have made it difficult to follow directions. His solution”,”I will just show her” With a totally blind person that means manipulation. I wanted nothing to do with that. You have to advocate for yourself. A reasonable accommodation. is the ability to hear and understand the therapist. I am a co-worker in my therapy sessions.

Now a poem of how some therapy sessions sound.

Go right…no the other right . Turn 180 degrees…keep turning go straight and go forward faster…no! stop you are veering to the left straighten out turn, turn, turn, turn,I have completed a 360 and am totally disoriented Sigh.. this is progress?

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