June 4, 2020 Therapy

Well, today I had PT and OT in one day. I was given wrist strengthening exercises, and finger movements. I showed the therapist that I wasn’t able to push the braille keys with equal pressure causing a poorly formed braille cell.The PT. noted that my confidence in my movement through my home is compromising due in part to the signals the bottom of the feet are sending to the brain.I need to try to stand without support while moving my head. Re-train the brain to trust the body. I had to feel how a quarter turn feels. I have my work cut out for me. but there is very little pain , just stiffness.I am glad that the therapy has finally started.
A Time To Heal
A healing body is funny.It wants to get better but the brain and the body can:t agree what is right.The body would rather lay down.To wait for healing.I am a person of several minds and opinions .So I drag my body upright.To go through the motions again.Healing is hard work.

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