June 25, 2020 The Blind Washwoman

Blind Wash Woman
I am asked,”How do you know when to wash an item?” I have several ways to tell if an article of clothing needs washing.
First , I will sniff the cloth. Items like towels and dish clothes may have a musty smell, likewise clothing or bedding that has not been used for awhile will have a similar musty smell.
I will feel the item. Is there a hard texture to the item. If the clothing folded or in a pile? Are there crumbs in the bedding that is on the bed? Yes to any of these questions will result in the clothing in the hamper.
Once I have the clothing by the washer, I will take each piece and shake it out. I will put dark items and light items together in separate baskets.Towels go in a third basket.
I know that underclothes , sheets,hankies and socks are put in light cloths basket. Jeans, and most t shirts and sweatshirts are put in the dark basket. I may occasionally put the clothing in the wrong basket but it usually isn’t a problem.
I keep the loads separate for washing and drying. I will fold and put clothing in separate piles for myself and my husband. Blankets, sheets and towels are brought up separately.
When I bring them upstairs, I will put them away in the appropriate drawer or shelf.I don’t move the places around so I remember where to find an item.
It is not magic just problem solving and organization .

When our family bought a new appliance, we were excited.
The box was huge.
The boys fought over what it could be used for.
I didn’t care , I wanted to play with the real thing.
We had a washer / dryer that were front loading
There was a glass window to watch the activity.
I would watch the water level rise and fall.
I couldn’t take the clothes out when the load was done.
I loved to watch the dryer.
it reminded me on my kaleidoscope with the colors and shapes forming an imaginary world
I opened the door and crawled inside.
It was hot so I took the clothes out and got in.
I was trying to figure out how to start the dryer. Mom heard a change in the sound of the dryer and came to investigate.. She pulled me from the dryer and warned me to leave her appliances alone until I was much older.

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