June 30 2020 Times will Never be the same

One hundred years ago commercial radio exploded in large cities and surrounding towns. In Detroit othe station WJR started broadcasting in May of 1922. My Grandfather wired and hooked up speakers to bring the miracle of radio to his small town.

Friends and neighbors came to witness.
Whether this new radio would work in their small town.
One man believed, place an antenna to the clock tower and wired the church. He brought the voice of Detroit thirty miles away to be heard in Northville.
People clapped and cheered.
But their lives would never be the same. It was a warm Thursday in May of 1922. It was before air conditioning or fans. So why were people crowding into the Methodist Church in the middle of the day ?
When the crowd entered the church, they saw a large cabinet in the sanctuary . They talked in low excited voices as they filled the pews.
A few minutes before the hour the assembly caught sight of a disheveled and cobwebbed decorated shirt on Cliff Turnbull. He had been working to wire an antenna to the top of the church’s bell tower. He slowly rolled the wire to the cabinet and clipped the end of the wire to connect it to the cabinet. Fiddling with the dial , a short burst of static was heard before a clear voice was perceived . “This is WJR The great voice of the Great Lakes.
Coming to you from the top of the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit .
The people broke into cheers and applause . This was the first radio broadcast in the country and it was coming to the small town of Northville, thirty miles away from the speaker.
The miracle of radio broadcasting was experienced by many in the Detroit area. But the joy in that Church to hear and be connected to Detroit ushered in a new era of electric communication . Cliff Turnbull was responsible for wiring homes and farms in this small town.

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