July 2,2020 Can there Ever be Equality?

As we approach the celebration of our nation’s birth, I wonder if equality is an ideal to strive for.The differences between gender and race are highlighted in the news and social media. But what of the subtle discrimination of age, physical and mental issues. As a deaf/ blind woman, I have had many circumstances that I felt discriminated against. The key word in that last statement is,”felt”. If I explore and think about the interaction, I may find that putting myself in the other person shoes will change my point of view.By opening myself to another, I allow a conversation and sharing of views. We all have our unique perception but it is not the only one. Being blind, I can overlook the physical issues of race and gender. But I have difficulty with rude behavior. I have found if I can stay logical and not become emotional, I can listen and share without returning rudeness,we as a people have thin skins and a quick trigger point. A smile or a comment “Tell me about your concern,” will start a interaction to healing.I am not naive, it doesn’t always work but I as an individual and we as a people and nation, need to put as much effort into working towards equality and healing.Remember when you are frustrated at a neighbor, step back, cool your emotions, then have a conversation. Treating others the same is a step towards equality

.Freedom Rings
From the start of this great land,Religion and races slowly united.Each person wished to pursue their own happiness.Emphasizing personal freedom.Down the pages of history,Opposing first tyranny, then each other.Many mistakes were made.Rising from division to unite,Individuals formed a new country.Never did the world see its like. Great in its diversity,still striving to haveFreedom ring!

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