July 7, 2020 Baby It is Hot Outside

We are starting our second week of plus 90’s.. It is hard to get up early to do outdoor chores in the cool of the day. The humidity level hovers in this cool time in the 70s. The world seems to be slowing down and the conflicts are not limited to the shade. I noted that people driving in air cooled cars are increasing drive by shootings. There were 87 people. shot in Chicago this past weekend 17 died two were children . Some of the children were in their homes and others were in their family’s car. The randomness of the. victims strike me as a shooter playing a video game. Is there a thrill in shooting a gun into a crowd and watching the chaos . The disregard for life of others disturbs me.I wonder what I would do as a blind person? I could tell myself that I would not be in that situation, but did the child asleep in his father’s car ask to be shot? I would probably be a victim. Taking that attitude I would say for the victims,”This is wrong! I have just begun to live my life. What good does your shooting sprees accomplish for the problems in Chicago and other urban areas. The shootings and gun drawing by Police and citizens . Are we so afraid of each other that we must carry a gun? If so it will be a long, hot summer. Please allow cooler heads to lead.

Hot Summer
steamy heat

tempers heat to boil

shots fired,

child down

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