July 9th, 2020, Two Opposites

Today my parents would have been married. 79 years. Though they loved each other, they were opposites in temperament. My father grew up in a family that had their needs met in the depression. He never wanted for food or pocket money.My mother was one of 6 children. Her parents struggled to make ends meat and put food on the table. My mother tells of one summer being sent to a relative’s farm and being amazed that she could pick and eat vegetables in the garden.Dad couldn’t keep track of money. My mother gave him a 10 dollar bill and a blank check for his wallet. Mom did the books in the home and the store.Dad was outgoing and social. Mom was reserved . She was a good hostess when asked.One anniversary, my Dad bought a boat for a present for Mom. She thought about it and told Dad to take it back.She made sure that all five of her children had their needs met. We used to say that she could squeeze 10 cents from a nickel.She was quiet and kept to herself. But occasionally she would have enough.This happened one summer evening . My brothers and I were brats. We were arguing and fighting. Mom was forced to settle matters and started dinner late. When my Dad came home from work, He teased her “, No dinner? what were you doing all day?” My Mother blew up and informed him just what kind of day she had. Then she turned off the stove and walked out of the house. My Dad was stunned but quickly recovered his senses. He told my oldest brother Bob he was in charge while he went after Mom. We children were scared and very subdued. Dad got in the car to look for his wife. He found her almost 2 blocks away and walking past the Catholic church. He drove slowly matching her pace. He said”Honey, I don’t don’t know what I did but I an sorry…please get in the car.” She stopped and replied”I have had a hard day with the kids and you want to tease about your dinner being late. Don’t ever tease me again.”She got in the car and it was a quiet dinner and evening. We were afraid that we had lost our Mother.Through good years and bad they kept the family and each other together with love , and respect for each other’s differences. Thanks to them, I have learned to do the same with my own family. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Two Will Be As One She was poor.He was not. They pledged their lives for a day.Not knowing what the future held.She was quiet.He was loud.They kept quiet their differences to discuss outside children’s ears.They taught how to have a solid marriage by example.We were blessed to have them as parents.

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