July 14, 2020. Wheat Stacks

Entering a room of a Monet art exhibit, I am surrounded by wheastacks.They differ in amount of light, and season.The effect of using the same outdoor subject to study the minute changes.The 14 pictures gave me a feeling of serenity and calmness.In my poetry, do I give such detail to my subject?Monet painted scenes close to his home. Do I look outside my own door to note the changes that are always occurring?Look to the mundane and see the extraordinary.Let the poetry be the lens to light up an object in your backyard.

A solitary day lily
In the middle of the back hill,a yellow day lily raises it’s petals to the sun.There used to be many more.But animals have eaten them.Only this one brave flower , stands alone.I don’t know what the future holds for it.But it is glorious in the present moment.
Later ,low sun was diffused through a storm cloud.The lily was bathed in a golden glow .As the light fades, so to will the flower.

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