July 23, 2020 Can we afford The Cure?

Our family doctor recommended both my husband and I get inoculations for pneumonia. We stopped at a local drug store . The pharmacist indicated that we were due for a hepatitis vaccination. We decided to get both. Our out of pocket cost was nothing but when we looked at the bill , the cost would have been over 500 Dollars. The pneumonia is a yearly shot. The hepatitis needs a booster in 6 months. These drugs are not new and still they are over 100 dollars each. We are on Medicare and have health insurance. What about the group of the population that have minimal insurance coverage? Will they be able to pay for health?We are awaiting a vaccination for the coronavirus . What do you think a new drug will cost the consumer? It is not likely that it will be a one time inoculation. It likely need boosters every 6months to a year. Will people be able to afford it? Will insurance companies rule the new drug experimental and not reimburse.Many will choose to take their chances . Is our government looking into ways to help most of the population afford the cure? Or are we looking at the few being able to have access and pay for it.
Curecorona virusunder trials nowresults look promisingeach dose can be costly

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