July 28,2020 Hazardous Waste

In the past week, I know that the mask order is having some effect. There have been over a dozen used masks along the roads and sidewalks . Some may have fallen out of vehicles but they have been discarded after shopping or banking. People are less likely to pick up this waste to dispose of it without protection . This spring there were not the groups cleaning the roadsides in my community. Next year , we will see an abundance of masks along with other wind swept trash.Maybe we could start carrying a disposable gloves to our walk or bike ride. Stop and pick up the masks putting then in a disposable bag. The flora and fauna will appreciate it.If we are wearing masks to protect ourselves and others, The masks could pose a threat if not disposed of properly.Treat the masks as Hazardous waste and dispose of then in your junk bag.
marigolds an amber circle enclose masks

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