September 10, 2020

Lemonade with a Punch
My Dad was a tease and trickster. He wasn’t mean. He liked to play jokes. Sometimes they backfired. This happened when his Grandmother Turnbull was visiting one summer.It was a hot and Dad offered Grandmother Turnbull some cold lemonade. Along with the fresh squeezed lemons, sugar and water, he added a shot of vodka.Grandmother was a good Baptist and a tea totaled all her life. Now in her 90’s, she had never tasted liquor.Dad, brought a tall glass of the lemonade to Grandmother and waited to see what she would be her reaction. It was a hot day,. She downed the lemonade in several large gulps. Dad was surprized and asked, ” Would like another?” She replied,”Yes!” While he went to get another drink, Grandmother fell asleep. Dad carried the small woman up to a bedroom.The next morning, Grandmother awoke and asked,”When is dinner?” When told that she slept through dinner and all night. She was puzzled. “Grandmother, maybe you were tired from your trip.” Only my Dad knew the truth and he kept quiet.Later, Grandmother remarked,”That was the best lemonade that I ever had!”

Laughter is fine
If a person knows
may backfire

Copyright Sept 10, 2020

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