September 15 2020

Cooking by touch

I have always enjoyed cooking. Combining several ingredients and adding heart to make delicious food is a joy. But as I lost vision I had to become creative with my methods.

Like fast food restaurants, I have a box of disposable gloves in my kitchen drawer.

When I am combining wet and dry ingredients , I test the texture of the dough\batter to see if it is correct. I often use my hands to mix the drier dough. I love to feel the mixture between my fingers. I guess I didn’t get enough PlayDoh time as a child!

When making pie crust, I have been known to place the flour, salt and spices on a table . Then I put a indentation in the middle of the dry ingredients . Into this I pour a mixture of oil and cold water. Then I mix the pile until it is a soft dough. It is a great feeling.

After rolling the dough between wax paper, I will peel back the top piece of paper to feel the dough to make sure that there no thick spots. When ready, I use the wax paper to lift and flip the crust into the pie pan.

When cooking on the stove, I have a different challenge. How do I know if there 

is a rolling boil. I lean over the pan and listen for the bubbles bursting. This tells me that the pan is at a rolling boil.

When baking , I will use my sense of smell to tell if a item is close to done. I will use a talking thermometer to do the final testing.

I am a sloppy cook at times but I keep my messes confined and clean them up quickly.

When guest are invited to dinner I have become the entertainment as they watch me move around the kitchen and present them a great meal.

My husband keeps telling me my cooking would make a funny video but I know that he is proud of my abilities and he benefits from the results.

Hamburgers and fries anyone?



I don my plastic gloves.

Mixing dry and wet ingredients ,

To form a soft dough.

I roll, stretch or drop dough on baking sheets.

Pop the sheets into the oven.

Then wait……..

the aroma of cooked biscuits tantalize my nose.

I pull them out for all to enjoy.

copyright September 15,2020Cooking By Touch

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