September 22, 2020 baby Memories

Warning Graphic descriptionsLast week, the Extended Turnbull clan welcomed a new baby into the family. Cole William Turnbull weight in over 8 pounds and 22 inches in. length. The eleventh Turnbull of this generation.When I think of a newborn, I recall my own daughter’s birth.I was old for being a first time mother. I was 37 and a career woman. Many of the women my age at work were taking fertility drugs to conceive. I thought ,”Well, if it is that hard to get pregnant, I guess I don’t have any worries.” How wrong I was.I was dating a friend of my brother. He was not thrilled but we talked, discussed and decided to marry in a small ceremony. For the first five months of marriage, I stayed and worked ninety miles away from my husband John. We saw each other on weekends. He was amazed at the changes I underwent week by week.Half way through the pregnancy, he teased saying ”You aren’t pregnant, , you’re just fat.” The baby started to move her butt from the left to the right pushing a bump along the way. I looked at him and replied “Fat doesn’t do that!”We were signed up to take lamaze classes. John found a kindred male soul who was a veterinarian of large animals. John was a dairy farmer. They started to recall calf birthing when the calf had to be physically turned before birth. Other couples were getting anxious and the teacher had to ask the guys to keep their birthing stories to themselves .In the ninth month, I retired from my job and moved to the west side of Michigan. The nursery was not even started. I wanted it done. I reasoned,”That baby could come at any time. John papered , painted and put together all the furniture. He watched as I hung up outfits and selected the one to take to the hospital with me. Later he mentioned that I reminded of a hen nesting as I sat crosslegged in the middle of the nursery.We had several false labor alarms. I was told that I wasn’t ready and I was given some juice and sent home. We finally had a doctor appointment and she reported that I was in labor.We went to a different hospital due to a perceived problem with the baby. the rooms were filled so I was to wait on another floor. John read me ”All Things Great and Small.” The next day we were given a pre-labor room. John was to time my contractions and coach my breathing.I fell asleep between sets of contractions. At one point I was holding my breath and John told me to breath.Finally, It was time and we were wheeled to the real labor room. There were two doctors, and three nurses, John and myself. When the head crowned,I spoke,”I want to feel the head!” All activity stopped.”I can’t see the mirror I am visually impaired” A nurse found a surgical glove and put on my right hand. I was thinking,”The head is covered with mucus so why cover my hand.Ruth was born at 11:59 pm. ,she was 7 and one half pounds and 17 inches long. They started to clean me and I noted the water was cold. You can feel that? Yes! I reminded that I was having natural childbirth.John went to the motel and I was given a semi private room to catch a few hours of sleep before the real parenting began.******************** 
Who will you become?So. small and delicate.But you showed your angerAs you scooted away from a needle.Your large eyes were mirrors to your soul.Your head was haloed by an inch of black hair.You are a beauty!copyright September 22, 2020

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