The Intrigue of Politics September 24 2020In this election year, politics has simmered to a boil. As I listen to the rhetoric on both sides, I try to discern the kernels of truth amount the chaff. I wonder why people run for an office. I have to look at my own family for part of the answer.My Dad was interested in his home town. He became involved in the planning commission and the Northville city counsel. he wanted to help make the city a better place for it’s citizens.Near the end of his life, Dad encouraged my younger brother Brian to run for mayor of Northville. He wanted to help with the planning for the growth of his city. Three months into his term the Corona Virus hit the counties of Wayne and Oakland hard. Mayor Turnbull and the city counsel had to shut down the businesses, implement safety measures and keep the citizens informed by townhall virtual meetings. He was right person , for this time in history.As I listen to the candidates, I can’t find a clear shoice. Both candidates are caught in playing the political game while looking after their party’s agendas. Where is the concern for helping the citizens?Our country has now passed the 200,000 number of lives loss to the virus . No moment of silence or morning for each of those citizens. They were Mothers, Fathers, and children. They were part of us.Now We have an opening on the Supreme Court. President Trump wants to nominate and confirm a new judge before his term ends. He has the Constitutional right to do so. I wonder about the moral right to install a judge during an election where voting has started. The agenda is more important than the wishes of the people.My brother won his position with more than 70% of the vote. Why can’t our president do the same.I hope as I write to my House and Senate representatives that they try to put the party’s agendas aside to vote for the people’s wishes.********************
Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg has left the stage.

This small woman with a quiet voice,

has commanded our attention,

on and off the bench.

She has said,”Fight with all your strength,

but do it in a way that others can join you.”

She remarked,” hatred, jealousy and envy are useless emotions to get a task done.”

The quote that I loved was,”sometimes it is good to be deaf, not just with your spouse, but also with your colleagues .”

At 87, Ruth has bowed and left the stage.

Her final request is to wait to replace her.

But she will never be replaced

Copyright 9-24-2020

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