Hearing Without Listening September 29,2020

This past weekend, I was at a social event when both of my hearing aid batteries died. To my chagrin , I didn’t have any replacements with me. I was forced to concentrate on the speaker, asking questions and paraphrasing other’s words to understand their meaning.It was hard work but I found that working at listening to others without thinking of an argument or answering remark helped to understand others.In the sermon this week Father Len talked about a priest that he lived with and discussed points of view. This older priest would remark ”Could you put more words around that statement?” This way he was showing interest in another’s point of view and showing he wanted to understand. It also gave the speaker time to explain a point and dispel negative feelings.On my ride home, I thought about the lesson of hearing and listening to others. We as a people and as individuals could learn to listen with our whole being to other’s point of view. Questions for clarification and paraphrasing others to understand their message. Hearing without listening leads to complacency. When I entered my home, I first found and changed my hearing aid batteries. What a relief to hear easily again! I will try to remember the lesson of working to hear others with my mind and heart wide open.********************

I can hear the wind in the trees.But, I can’t hear a call for justice.I listen to my favorite tunes.But I fain to listen to the chants in the street.My baby cries and I respond.But the soft cries of strangers I choose not to hear.Selective deafness pulls apart our nation.Remove the plugs of complacency.Listen with our hearts.

Copyright September 29, 2020

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