Slippage October 6, 2020

My husband had a medical issue with a piece of calcium that lodged in his brain after his aorta valve split. This caused issues with his memory. Consequently, he is my eyes and I am his memory. John will ask me if I remember this or know where an item is kept. When he loses an item in his workshop, he will buy another. This sometimes results in more that one item.I was confident in my memory until last week. I was looking for the steam iron. I was sure that it was on the high shelf between the washer and dryer. I hadn’t use it for many months but I went down to retrieve it.I looked. There was no iron. I searched all the shelves in the basement including the storage boxes on the shelves. No iron.I enlisted my husband’s aid as we searched the whole house. No iron. Finally, I had to have an iron so I opened Amazon to look for a replacement. I found that I had 20 dollars credit and the iron I wanted was 18 dollars. I ordered it and it arrived on the weekend.Yesterday morning, I was putting away bath towels and found the pile had fallen over. Picking up the towels to replace then on the pile, I discovered the old iron on the shelf. I have no memory of putting it there or bringing it up to the main floor. Do you wonder what I will do with two irons? Taking a clue from my husband, I will keep then both, at least for awhile. One upstairs and one in the basement. As we age we all have a little slippage now and then.

I remember my deceased parents birthdays,

But I can’t remember my daughter’s birthday.
I remember to take a list to grocery shop,

Then I leave it in the car.
I remember to call in for a group conference.

But I forget the correct number
As a senior citizen,I should expect a bit of slippage.
Copyright October 6, 2020

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