Daddy Bruce October 7, 2020

Today would have been my Father’s 101 birthday. He was known by many names. Dad, Bruce, Mr. Turnbull and Mr Northville. But my favorite title was coined by my Brazilian sister Adelia,”Daddy Bruce.” He answered to all of them but his favorite was the use of Dad. He was delighted when my husband chose to call him Dad. John said it was a term of respect and love.Dad loved parties especially when they involved his birthday. Large celebrations were held on his 90th and 95th birthday. At the 95th, he made a toast hoping all would be present for his 100th celebration.Though he was not here physically, I feel his spirit and love of life every day.I look at my brothers, nieces and nephews noting a love of growing plants, telling jokes, and enjoying friends and family.Personally, he taught me to be generous with my time and gifts. Dad nurtured a strong faith in the Lord and Creator. He blended Baptist, Methodist and Catholic doctrines into his personal belief system.On one of the last visits with Dad before he passed. He said,”I don’t know how you do it… getting around blind!” “I tried and ran into the wall and couldn’t find the bathroom.” He went on to say, ”But you are always smiling,keep that joy.” I could have said the same about him . He was always full of joy and life.For my part, I will keep the joy of you as my Dad in my heart. Thanks, And Happy Birthday Daddy Bruce

Old GrowthOld Growth is precious.Densely packed withrings of knowledge.End of a line,But not quite…Though the old tree. is gone,The seeds remain.Not exact copies,but having the strength of core.
They grow strong and tall.Encircling the memory of the stump.

Carol Farnsworth

copyright 10-7-20

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