October 27, 2020 Can’t See the Forest For the Trees

I have talked with several aquaintances in the last several weeks. They are complaining about the politics and the upcoming election. Predicting that if their party is defeated on November 2nd, there will be economic collaspe, rioting and the need for military intervention to maintain social order and security. All this even without the Carona Virus.I listen to their laments trying to understand their concerns and fears. I just don’t get it! Do my friends think so little of the American people and the democratic system to have so little confidence in us to fear the worst?A look back in our country’s history will show that we , as a people , have been at many crossroad and flurished. About every 20 years or once in a generation such a crisis has occured.From our country’s founding up to the bombing of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, we have been faced with chalenges.Whoever becomes our nation’s leaders will have a long road to heal the nation. It is up to each of us to do our part to heal ourselves and our communities. Why wait? Lets start today before the votes are counted to go forth greeting each other with kindness. We know that not all of our choices will be accepted. Instead of throwing our hands in the air and giving up, let us strive to work with the newly elected by phone calls, letters and email . This helps to know the people’s needs.I hope that we can see the importance of the whole forest and not focus on individual trees. Trees come , grow and disappear but the forest remains.



All must stand together.

Merging to become one people, under God.

Each has the right to an opinion.

Rights that can compromise.

Individuals stand joined as one nation.

Can we put aside our differences?America

Copyright 10/27/20

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