Halloween may be scary October 28, 2020

Halloween has been a safe activity for children and adults. Allowing trick or treaters to don costumes and masks to experience the dark while getting treats from smiling neighbors. Its been a traditional day for children to look forward to. This year, parents are racking their brains to provide a safe Holiday. Some neighbors are putting out treats on a table in the middle of a driveway. Others are participating in Trunk or Treat during the day. Still others will turn their front lights off during the early evening. This is real fear. The corona virus will change this holiday celebration as well as others to follow.A day that should be filled with fun can be really scary.No matter what your choice it will effect our children.I believe that children can be masked with their costumes to prevent virus spreading. Walking with your children to point out safe treats areas. Finally , households can watch the trick or treaters from a social distance with masks to comment on costumes and greet their parents. Let’ us think about a safe Halloween and leave the scary practices off the streets.Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween.


O scary night

The moon is brightly shining.

It is the night of really scary stuff.

We are all in fear ,for the virus to catch us.

Do we follow recommendationthat doctors request.

Packaged treats for kids can be handled safely.

With masks and distance.trick or treating can be done.

copyright 10/28/20

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