After the Vote, Then What?

After the Vote, Then What?

November 3, 2020We will wait for votes to be counted.Glad to not hear more political ads.No more calls to get out and vote.But what will change? Little at first. One party will having bragging rights and the other party will challenged votes numbers in close states. We will be happy or disappointed depending on our vote.The important lesson is Americans exercising their right to choose their leaders.With the grace of God, we will overcome this virus and the divisions that limit us as a people.With help and guidance we will become the leaders in caring for each other


With Our Hands

with our hands

we can wave in greeting

or shake our fist in anger

With our hands

we can offer help

or push another away

with our hands

we can pray for another

or curse those in our world

with your hands

what will you choose to do today

Copyright 11-3-2020

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