Blind Theatrics November 5, 2020

Blind Theatrics When I was in my early twenties, I was a part of a community theatre group. We performed musicals once a year in the local theatre.The first year we put on the musical ,”Brigadoon”. I was young enough to be cast as a dancer in the chorus. During the practice sessions, I wore my glasses so I would be able to learn the steps and see where all the props and cast members were located.As opening night approached, the director pointed out that young women of the 1600’s didn’t wear glasses. I was forced to perform without them. My sight was very poor without the glasses but I had learned all the dance steps and knew where all the props were to be placed.On opening night, We had a dance number dancing around a large trunk as the leading lady was packing her possessions to be married. Unfortunately for me the stage hands didn’t put the trunk in the correct position on the stage. It was in the way of a dance line. Most of the dancers adapted and went around the trunk. I however, danced right into it and flipped over it. The vibration could be heard below in the dressing rooms!One of the rules that you learn as an actor is never break character so after I did my flip I brushed myself off and continued to dance. I must have done a good job because my parents in the audience didn’t notice anything amiss.When we performed our next musical, ”Fiddler On The Roof”, the director cast me as an old grandma. He explained that I could keep my wired rim glasses on in that costume. I would be forced to move much slower . I didn’t have a problem and performed flawlessly. Performing with low vision has its challenges and dangers. With a little problem-solving, they can be overcome.


On the stage, everyone wants to be a star.

But they don’t want to stick out for a mistake.

Blending yourself with your character is the key.

So the mistakes aren’t yours but the part you play.

This is what many of us do every day.

We play a role formed for us.

If we act out of this is perceived as a mistake.

Can we step out of our roles to become the people we were meant to become?

copyright 11/5/20

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