A Thanks for a job well done November 17, 2020

The voting is complete. The people have spoken. We as a country are grateful to the poll workers, observers and vote counters that worked long hours to assure a fair election. There is one group that has been overlooked. The United Postal Service.As the Post Master General Louis DeJoy, ordered equipment to be removed and the work force to be decreased, The mail was receiving millions of voter’s ballots to be processed.As legislators called for daily sweeps of postal equipment to assure all votes were processed. The postal service has done daily sweeps as a part of their daily route tasks. The workers did their job, to get the mail to it’s appointed destination .No Penalty overtime will be paid for in the months of Novenber and December during the holiday rush. The workers are expected to volunteer to work overtime as part of their regular job. They do what has been requested of them.We should recall that at the start of the pandemic. the post offices were open and delivery service was daily except for Sundatys and holidays.The postal workers made sure that mail service wasn’t interrupted. Our letters and packages were delivered in a timely manner.So I wish to add my thanks to the clerks, mail handlers, truck drivers ,sorters and carriers as they have done their jobs for over two centuries.We may complain when we receive only advertisements but think of the cards and Holiday notes that keep us informed and in touch. We can hold a physical reminder of friends and family near and far.Thank the postal service for keeping us in touch.



Neither snow nor rain or sleet in the night

Not colds or flu or corona virus spikes

Not less equipment nor reduced staff,

They do their jobs despite the gaffs.

copyright 11/17.20

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