November 19, 2020 Personal Choice

We are in the middle of a Virus spike. The health authorities have warned against gathering in large groups for the Thanksgiving celebration. The suggestion to stay home ,or celebrate with just one family.It is short of a mandate ,so most people will gather with some responsibility . This includes me.I have quarantined this week. We will travel to see my brother and his wife on Lake Michigan at their cottage. Plenty of fresh air and masks with social distancing.Next week we will visit my daughter and son in law for Thanksgiving Day. Again we will practice social distancing , masks and frequent hand washing.We will travel without stops to both places and we will wipe down items we may touch.I hope and pray it will be enough to keep us and the ones we love safe.I believe many others will do the same. We know the corona virus is real but we can’t live in a box or vacuum. May our precautions be enough.Whatever you choose, may you stay well and protect your family members.



Masking Up

With sanitizer and a bags of wipes

We travel to visit safely

masks and social distancing

we try not to cry.

We are drawn to each other

to gather without touching

fresh air flows around us

Will it be enough?

copyright 11/19/2020

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