November 26, 2020 Being Thankful

Being Thankful November 24, 2020
A couple of days ago, a fellow writer, James Campbell, wrote an essay. It reminded readers that the year 2020 started with impeachment proceedings, accusations of wrong doing by Hunter Biden and finally economic disruptions and life loss due to the Corona Virus. We have had to practice physical and social distancing from the most vulnerable of our family. We will try to keep the distancing for the upcoming holidays.
But Mr. Campbell, went on with reasons to be personally grateful. Here is my personal list of items to be thankful for.
I had a fall at the end of April with three weeks in a rehab hospital. Healing was slow and painful. This past week I was able to walk several miles with no pain. A healing that I am grateful for.
I have been able to share time with friends and family with zoom calls.
People are reaching out to their local families to offer assistance for each other.
Finally, my brothers children have sent a bottle of Turnbull wine to each of the family members to have a zoom gathering and toast their Father, my brother Mike on Thanksgiving eve. He died last year on Thanksgiving, and we have not been able to gather for a memorial.
People have endured and found ways to share with each other even with distance.
So have a safe and virtual Thanksgiving.

A Virtual Thanksgiving

My family has always gathered for the holidays.
When I was young, Thanksgiving was at the Grand parents home. As they aged, my Mother took over the celebration and the cooking.

The family expanded and Mom needed help with the tasks.
My brother Mike and Kathy, his wife, opened their home for the special day. Mike loved the family coming together.
The meal was squeezed between football games and cooking.

Each sibling brought a favorite dishes to pass.
Two rooms were crammed with 3 tables.

Before grand babies, the kid’s table was full of teens and 20 year olds.

The meal ended with a toast, coffee and desserts.
Who could forget the basketball challenge, with old against young. Cousin against cousin, and all play stopping as baby Ruth threw the ball to make a basket.

While passing the food, we laughed, told stories and teased the guests the cousins brought along.

This year will be different.
Mike died last Thanksgiving. Kathy has moved from the large home.

Distance and the virus has kept us physically apart.

But on Thanksgiving evening we will connect with Zoom .
Toasting those who are no longer with us, we will share tears and laughter as memories in stories are relived.

We will hope to be together again next year.

copyright 11/26/20

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