James Campbell guest blogger 11/25/2020

Seasons greetings from Odessa, Texas. 

This year has been one of many challenges. Never before in our lifetime have we faced the monumental surge of calamities that has been visited on this nation. 

The year began in the midst of the impeachment debacle, which finally ground to a halt when the Senate refused to convict President Trump of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. Allegations of corruption swirled around the son of the would-be Democratic nominee in the 2020 election. The Democrats impeached President Trump for threatening to withhold vital foreign aid to Kiev if the investigation didn’t move forward. The Republican majority in the Senate refused to uphold the impeachment by a clear two-thirds majority. The Democrats were disheartened, insisting that the investigation was politically motivated. According to their thinking, this was a smear job by Trump that was designed to discredit Joe Biden  in hopes of ruining his chances for the nomination.  

At the same time, the Coronavirus reared its head, and a worldwide pandemic broke out. In the US, 200000-plus deaths have resulted, and the present surge is pushing hospitals and morgues alike to their limit.  The promised vaccines are months away, and the most dire predictions forecast the worst winter in modern history. 

The initial outbreak led to hoarding and panic purchasing of essential items. By way of reply, stores were forced to ration many necessities: toilet tissue, cleanex, cleaning products, and food. At one point, meat prices went to all-time highs, as crops rotted in the fields because farmers couldn’t get the crops to market. Estimates of the number of hungry Americans range to 54000000

Stores closed as the nation went into lockdown. Restrictions on the number of customers that could occupy businesses at one time were put in place, mask mandates were in force in many communities, and many of these edicts are still active today. 

On May 25, Minneapolis police officers murdered George Floyd by placing a knee on his neck and holding it in that position for eight minutes while he pleaded for one more breath. The outcome was an escalating insurrection in the streets as  blacks rioted, and proceeded to set up autonomous zones in some municipalities  In some cases, citizens armed themselves in order to protect their lives and property. The left is calling for the police to be defunded, while simultaneously crying out for stricter gun laws. The panic among the population has increased accordingly due to the circumstances that have been created by the lawlessness and lack of police action that are the end product.  

To top it off, the election of 2020 is still in question, with President Trump refusing to concede in light of allegations that the election was rigged. No one can predict how this will turn out, the Trump White House is still contesting the final results  in court, with conservative pundits backing President Trump to the finish line. 

And yet, adversity has brought out the best in many people. All across the land, first responders are going the extra mile to save lives as the death rate climbs. My cousin and her husband are  among those. 

Food banks are doing their part to feed the needy, and charities of all kinds are raising money to assist in that effort. Entertainers are getting in on the action. Any number of celebrities from rock groups to movie stars are doing their part to help in these troubled times. If nothing else, many are encouraging their fans to follow the present guidelines in order to bring the pestilence under control.  

In Odessa, our local United supermarkets are going beyond the call of duty. They have a segment on the local news called, “Tell Me Something Good,” which promotes positive actions and random kindness in our community and the surrounding area.  

On a personal note, Aunt Sue is making progress in her recovery from her fall on October 16th. Her arm is healing nicely; we will know more after her doctor’s visit this coming Tuesday

We will spend Thanksgiving by ourselves This year; United is providing the meal.  Cousin Courtney and her new husband Stephen must work that day. Eric’s family will have the kids for Thanksgiving.  

The sun is still shining, and we are still among the living. We will give thanks for what we have, as we pray for those who are less fortunate, But there  for the grace of a higher power go we. 

Best wishes and blessings from the Campbell family, James R. Campbell, Caronita Sue Campbell, and pets, puppy dog Copper and Kitty Cat Milly. 

As always, Thanks for your time, 

With Loving Kindness, 

James R. Campbell


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