December 1, 2020 Advent

December 1, 2020 Advent

The word advent means to wait for an event, person or thing. There are many events that we are waiting for this year.

We wait for a vaccine from drug companies. We wait for a treatment that will cut down the mortality of this virus. We hope and wait.

We wait for the new administration to take over in the government. We hope to have economic relief. Looking in the new leaders for guidance.

But the real meaning of advent is not to be a passive waiter. What are we doing to actively welcome the change?

Change starts with putting others before ourselves. Are we trying to stay home as much as possible. This will protect others and slow the virus from spreading.

Wearing masks and changing the masks . The masks wear out and cloth ones must be frequently washed.

Are we concerned with our government to write or call to let our leaders know when they are doing a good job or if they could do better? Our elected officials are human. They could use a kind word as well as criticism.

Finally, we must accept that we can not bring about change by ourselves. We can put the needs of all nations into the power that created the world. whether, you believe in the creation story or the big bang theory. There is a higher power that is waiting for us to open our hearts, just a crack. Be active, be watchful, work to bring about an advent this year.




We are waiting for this advent?

Is it the vaccine to conquer the virus?

Do we long for the end of isolation?

How long must we wait for these things to pass?

Do we hope for a different direction in our government?

Do we want economic relief from bills and rent?

Do we desire a consistent message from our leaders?

Or do we wish to have a baby born long ago,

That spirit to be present in our lives?

What are we doing to make this happen?

Opening our hearts, we can help Advent begin.

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