December 3, 2020 Deck the Halls. My husband and I have a tradition that we have kept for 24 years. It started when my Mother gave back two child size dolls from my youth. We added three additional large dolls from my Daughter’s collection. Several others were bought at a second-hand stores. They made quite a collection. Our intention was to dress and display them as children doing holiday activities. The dolls have been sledding, cross country skiing, ice skating, and making a snow man.On the front porch a store front display has shown a line up for Santa, lighting the advent wreath, elves making toys and loading Santa’s sled.Each year, I think of a theme and John makes the stage props to make it happen. We have had lighted fireplaces, desks, a real mailbox, a 7 foot lighthouse and a lit ice rink and a winter carousel .The magic of these tacky decorations come alive at night with lighting and seen from traveling cars. For this most unusual holiday, we chose the activity of making cookies. The child size stove is open with a light lighting the cookies being put in to bake. There is a decorated refrigerator next to the stove. four other children are in the process of rolling, decorating and eating cookies. They stand around a kitchen table. Each doll is clad in a bright colored chef apron and hat. Holiday decorations adorn the pink walls . All this in a five by 10 foot space. The idea of offering an activity that the family can enjoy from their cars and then go home to do the baking themselves. Many of our neighbors and friends have decked their homes to entertain the kids, old and young alike. This year with no Christmas parade, virtual visits with Santa and restricting crowds, This is a safe and fun activity.

Deck the hall with many dollies

Fa La La La La La La La La

Making smiles and be jolly

Fa La La La La La La La La

Piling in our cars, we travel

Fa La La Fa La La La La La

To see the lights, with no fear of virus.

Fa La La La La Fa La La La

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