A baby’s First words January 7 ,2021

One of the joys of being a new mother and a speech Pathologist is anticipating baby’s first words.

I waited and listened as my daughter played with the open mouth sounds of B, M, D, guttural G and vowel ah paired with them.

Would the first words be the da da for her Daddy, or the calling of her Mom with a Ma Ma? Maybe a request for a favorite toy or food?

To my surprise, Ruth’s first word was a two syllable word, Ga Ma, Ga Ma, Ga Ma, paired with a open hand facing up and the fingers contracting as she gestured for her wanted person. She learned to call her

Grandma this way. The low guttural call would bring Grandma Helen running. Ruth and her Grandma developed a intimate relationship. They went everywhere together. In the evening, they would select matching nighties. Often, Ruth would get up and crawl into bed with her Grandma.

I watched but couldn’t be a part of this special relationship. Jealous at first, I learned to appreciate this special bond between generations.



What’s in a name

“Her name will be Ruth”, he said.

I was thinking as a Speech therapist.

Ruth may have trouble with r’s and th sounds.

John countered with ,”those letters are in our last name”.

I agreed to the name.

As a toddler, when asked her name, Ruth would reply,

“my name is Woof, Woof Fa woof!”

She sounded like a dog barking.


copyright. 1-7-21

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