The cleaning touch January 12, 2021

I have a different way of keeping the house clean and tidy. When I was taking courses at the School for the visually Impaired in Kalamazoo, they taught the clients to use a broom and sweep a small section of floor and use a dust pan to pick the refuse. I kept missing where I stopped and I would miss parts of the floor.

I started to get down on my knees and use a damp cloth to feel for dirt and pick it up . I would shake the cloth over a wastebasket and continue to clean. Up until a year ago I would wash my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. I could feel the spills and crumbs and rinse the cloth in a bucket of water and cleaner.

I feel the counters to know if they need to be wiped down and use the same cleaner to do the job.

In the bathroom, I use smell and touch to check the commodes and sinks. I use foaming cleaners in the sinks and a pleasant scented toilet bowl cleaner. I allow both to sit for awhile before I brush or wipe.

I will feel to see if there is dust on the furniture and use a dusting product to wipe down the the surfaces facing up.

I make a cobweb hunt once a month, whether I feel webs or not. I use a long stick with wooly end to capture the webs and reach the ceiling corners.

I finish the cleaning with a battery operated vacuum, I do not have to worry about a cord tripping me. It can go over different surfaces and picks up most of the dust and dirt.

If you think this kind of cleaning is difficult just take a room in your home and close your eyes and let your other senses tell you the condition of that room. Even a person with sight can benefit from input if all their senses. Is there an odor coming from the drain or commode? Does the sink have attached toothpaste and soap scum? Is there a scum ring around the tub? Are there dust balls in the corners of the floor? Time to clean.



Vacuuming is such a fulfilling task.

It finds all the debris and fluff.

Sucking the dirt of living.

How wonderful if

copyright 1-12–21

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