Tandeming two hearts working together 1-26-21

As I watch the snow drift down on my porch, I am longing for riding in nature on our tandem. The photo above is my husband , John and myself in bright yellow biking garb standing behind the blue tandem. The orthopedic surgeon allowed me to ride the stationary bike to train for warmer weather biking. I allow my mind to wander as I pedal. The relationship between a tandem couple is based on communication and sharing an experience. There is a captain or the person in the front. This person steers the bike but must tell the second person if a bump or sudden stop is coming. The captain must be aware of the stoker’s comfort in the ride and confidence in the captain. They must both work together to enjoy the ride.

In the same way, the writer and reader are a team. The communication is needed for the writer to pick the story line and deliver an interesting tale. The reader decides if this story is worth the time. The reader must be engaged and be warned of any linguistic bumps along the way. You can’t make a reader read if he or she doesn’t want to.

I know what calls me back to the bike. The adventure of discovery of season changes. The elements of sun, wind and precipitation . Scents, smells and sounds add spice to the ride.

Similarly, the writer must entice the reader to go along with the story. There must be comfort for the reader while giving imagery, sensory and feelings to keep the reader interested in the story and the writer must work to avoid bumps and rough spots in the story. Then reader will want to read more of the writers work.

On this cold January day, Thanks for riding with my musings. Happy tales.



Two hearts work as one,

In tandeming and writing,

In the team, one is not more important ,

all have a part to play

The captain or writer chooses the course and enhances the ride.

The writer chooses the story and brings the reader into the tale.

Neither the stoker or reader will return if they aren’t engaged and entertained.

Both hearts work together to make the story or ride fun.

Happy tales.

Copyright 1-26-21

2 thoughts on “Tandeming two hearts working together 1-26-21

  1. Thank you for this ride of writing as I enjoyed the flow of the words, joy of which you tell the anticipation of the sunny days ahead, love to you and John and all your roads ahead! cheryll


  2. Reblogged this on My Corner and commented:
    At the end of January, the last thing on my mind is riding a bicycle. But I love the way my friend and fellow blogger, Carol Farnsworth, compares that to writing. She brings back memories of my own experiences with tandem biking. So, enjoy the ride!


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