Awkward Moments Day March 18,2012

This date has several celebrations. But I picked awaward moments for it’s universal appeal. I delight in such moments as a teaching tool for the blind to enlighten the visual community. You don’t have to be blind to have embarrassing incidents. But they seen to happen to the blind more often.

During this time of mask wearing and keeping distiance, I have longed to reach out to touch more than my husband. Eye contact or a friendly nod is lost on me. Other people’s phone calls and conversations invade my hearing . Wishing to to be social, I smile. Opps, the mask hides that. Touching is not allowed and words of greeting are muffled and not heard. An example happened at the local pharmacy, picking up my perscriptions. First, I have to tap the heel of the person in line before me with the tip of my white cane. This is how I can keep distance but most people feel annoyed and some say so.

When I finally get to the front of the line, I am confronted by plexiglass and a masked pharmacist. I am asked name, birthdate and address of the recipient. Both of us have trouble understanding questions and responses. My husbnad, seeing I am in trouble, comes to assist me.

Another time, I was waiting at the fish counter. I heard the customer and the clerk in front of me. When the customer was finished, I stepped forward to give my order. There was no responce. I waited and after a moment, I was asked what I would like. The clerk had left or turned away and I was talking to no one.

Share one of your awkward moments with me at I would love to share the experience of being human.

Another important national celebration, will occur on Sunday. This is International Poetry Day. One way to celebrate is to write a poem and share with another. Another way is to have a poetry party or share writing a poem with each person writing a line. So for my poem today, I will start two haiku poems and I would like you to finish it. The last line should be 3 syllsbles in length. Good luck and happy writing.




I sit, wait,

people rushing by,

______ ___ _____

Bless the Poem

I bless you,

with poetic whispers,

_____ ____ ____

carol Farnsworth

copyright /19/2021

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